At Herald Revolution, our visitors are offered the best form of privacy protection. This is applicable when they do activities like visiting the website or making comments. Overall, the Privacy Policy explains how Herald Revolution collects and stores information from its visitors. You can refer to the following document for a detailed view of the aspect of privacy.

Record of Log

Whenever a person visits Herald Revolution, the basic logs of the visit are required. It must be noted that this data cannot be linked to a particular person. On the other hand, the data include mechanical records such as the IP address, the click points made by the user and the time a user enters and exits the website. At the end of the day, this data will be used to analyze the performance of the website and regular traffic. This data might be shared with third-party entities as well.

Collection of Personal Identification Information

Personal Identification Information refers to the type of data that is closely associated with an individual! It can be linked to an actual person and their presence in the world of internet. This type of data is collected by Herald Revolution with proper consent from the user. For instance, details like name and email address would be collected by the website when a user tries to publish a comment on the website. We repeat that users do have complete control over the data and whether they want to share this data.

Collection of Non-Personal Identification Information

Non-Personal Identification Information refers to the type of data that cannot be associated with a person but refers to the device and some other information. For instance, the type of browser used and the type of internet connection etc. are collected in this category. Despite the non-sensitive nature, Herald Revolution aims to provide the best level of security for this type of data as well. This type of data may, again, be shared with trusted third-parties for analysis purposes.

Sharing of Data

Herald Revolution does not share personal information of our users with non-trusted third-parties. The only type of entities we share data are the close partners or the entities that have a clear ethics on data usage. We do make sure that data collected via the Herald Revolution are not sold for commercial needs. At the end of the day, our visitors can be as confident as they can when they share some data via the website.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Herald Revolution has the complete right to make changes to the Privacy Policy document and the propositions of the same. Users should keep visiting the page for further updates.